Physiotherapy & Movement Culture

As a physiotherapist with many years of experience and a great drive for further development, I am an expert in movement. I help people to expand, maintain or restore their movement capabilities. As part of any good physical therapy, people should learn how to actively take care of their own health. In my opinion there are three critical factors in order to make this as sustainable as possible. These are:

  • – to gain positive movement experience
  • – to learn something about oneself and one‘s own body in connection with movement
  • – to find the motivation to implement what one has learned in the long term

In summary, I think it’s about establishing a certain amount of movement culture in one‘s own life. The movement experience can only be gained in real life (e.g. in the context of a good physiotherapy), but for learning and motivation the blog on this website should be helpful.

Movement Culture

Different People use the term “movement culture” slightly different. This is due to the fact that at the time of the creation of this text there is no clear and uniform definition. Personally, I find the proposal for a definition of the term by Prof. Dr. Claus Tiedemann very appropriate:

“Movement culture is a field of activity in which people deal with
their nature and environment and consciously and intentionally de-
velop, shape and present their in particular physical abilities and
skills, in order to experience an individual or shared gain and enjoy-
ment that is significant for them.”

(Tiedemann, 2021)


On the Austrian Public Health Portal website, physiotherapy is described as follows:

“Physiotherapists specialize in movement development and control and have the expertise to maintain, promote, restore and improve movement and functional capacity and quality of life. They are experts in movement at all stages and situations of life and work in a wide variety of medical specialties.”

(Editorial office of the Health Portal, 2019)


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