If you look the word up, among others you can find the following meaning “Immersion is the act of putting an object into water and the interaction that is concomitant with that”. This couldn’t be more fitting with these two photos. The “object”, the water, the interaction, all of that is pretty obvious. But the […]


Sometimes one could get the impression that things need to be spectacular to come into value. This also extends to movement. Quite often people talk more about hiking high mountains than about the walk they did yesterday evening. Of course, there are a lot of eligible reasons for that. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t underestimate just walking, […]


Movement sometimes means coordinating so many different factors that you don’t have time to think…which is sometimes not the worst thing to do 😉 Jakob Handl. Donauinsel, Vienna. May 2020.

Wild garlic butter.

Sometimes all you need for real good food such as wild garlic butter are local and seasonal ingredients. The same goes for real good movement excursions: just go outside and enjoy the current season. Klaus Zeiner riding trough Vienna’s wild garlic fields. April 2020.

Social distancing.

This is an example for a perspective you will only get if you made the effort to hike there. But it’s worth it, on multiple levels. By the way, these photos were already taken before “social distancing” was on everyone’s lips: April 2018, Glasenberg, Upper Austria.

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