Activities and fields of attention

My activities

In a nutshell: I’m having a focus on movement.

As a physiotherapist with a varied experience in moving myself I’m an expert for movement. I’m working in the fields of orthopedics, trauma surgery and sports medicine. I can be supportive in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries, pain and functional impairments. As a physiotherapist and a lecturer for physiotherapy I see it as a part of my work to engage with movement in various ways. To learn more, just go to the blog.

My approach

As a physiotherapist I’m combining active medical training, passive manual techniques and the imparting of valuable knowledge. The so-called bio-psycho-social model is central to my work. This means that I try to understand and consider all contributing factors in the life of the affected person. I have the ambition to work as professionally qualified as possible. This is why I’m in constant further education, active communication with my professional network and ongoing personal movement practice.

My fields of attention in physiotherapy

My longstanding work in the departments of trauma surgery and orthopedics at the AKH Vienna and as a freelancer let me gain experience in treating people with issues on different regions of the body. On this solid basis I have laid my focus more on the spine/trunk region, the shoulder and the hip joints. Even in the treatment of these areas I look at the affected person in its entirety.

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