Movement. It enables us to interact with our surroundings and therefore empowers us to realize our full potentials. No matter how small it may appear, movement is always invaluable.

As humans we are capable to move relatively free, in the most diverse forms and in the most different terrain. We can run, climb, swim and with the help of various tools and aids we can do even more. Not only in terms of sports, playing an instrument, painting a picture or pursuing a craft only works through some form of movement. Movement enables us to create beautiful moments and things and it brings us to beautiful places. And once things aren’t that good, we can change things by moving something. With this in mind movement is always a creative process and therefore always a form of art.

In the daily hustle and bustle we tend to forget this quite often. Body and mind need to work, they need to deliver performance, preferably faster, better and longer. Aren’t we sometimes missing the fact that we are bio-psycho-social systems that have their boundaries? A sustainable handling with ourselves is just as crucial as is the use of our environmental resources. Neither an intact environment nor our own health is available unconditionally and forever. Being able to move and create is not a self-evident fact. Much more it’s a privilege that one should take care of. Sometimes it’s enough to keep this in mind. At other times one needs to find the individual right amount of movement. This is where I can be supportive with my professional skills.