If you look the word up, among others you can find the following meaning “Immersion is the act of putting an object into water and the interaction that is concomitant with that”. This couldn’t be more fitting with these two photos. The “object”, the water, the interaction, all of that is pretty obvious. But the more metaphorical meaning of “deep mental involvement in something” is also appropriate. In this case it’s the involvement in a form of movement that demands being on the spot both physically and mentally. Moreover, it offers a clear goal, clear feedback and in the pictured case a well-balanced relationship between existing skills and demands. All of these are requirements you need in order to experience flow which is in essence characterized by the complete absorption in what one does. But do you have to surf in order to experience flow? No because basically every form of movement offers the potential for flow-experiences. But it’s just easier to illustrate with pictures of someone moving on a flowing element 😉

Patrick Derfler surfing the Danube near Marbach. August 2020.

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