Accepting circumstances.

In my experience in almost every rehab process comes a point where either patient, therapist or both get the feeling that things aren’t progressing the way they should. That feeling of being stuck quite often triggers a mechanism of comparison. The patient compares herself or himself with people they know that had or have the same injury. The therapist compares with other patients he/she has already treated. Both ask themselves what is wrong. And at that point, things can get pretty frustrating.

If you look at the two pictures you will see that both the pigeon and the cat take the same “obstacle”. Both are doing it in their individually suitable way and tempo. And neither the cat nor the pigeon is doing it in a wrong way. Both pigeon and cat have to accept their prerequisites und make the best of it.

Maybe this is a way to also solve the situation mentioned above: by accepting the circumstances and making the best of it.

…and yes, this does not only apply to a rehab process.

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